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    An economy smokeless fuel alternative for open fires, multi-fuel stoves & room heaters. It has an attractive flame, high heat output and is long burning with low ash content. Oxbow's briquettes combine petroleum coke, anthracite and a binding ingredient to produce a robust yet responsive fuel. Best seller / Lowest Price 20kg pre-pack bag Min delivery...

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    High quality smokeless fuel that burns efficiently with an attractive flame for longer periods than house coal. Emits 80% less smoke & 25% less Co2 than house coal 25kg Pre-Pack Bag Min delivery order applies

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    One of the best smokeless fuels for open fires & mutli-fuel stoves with an attractive flame. Emits 80% less smoke, 25% less Co2 & burns for up to 40% longer than house coal. Weight 25kg Min delivery order applies

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